Thai dating tips "How to Dress to Impress Thai ladies/Thai Women" Thailand Dating tips Dating Thai

"How to Dress to Impress Thai ladies/Thai Women"

Dressing for your first dates can be a bit frustrating if you really like the lady. Dating lady in Thailand, the country, the culture that you have no clue can cause you even more headache. Today, Khun Bee, Founder/Dating Coach/Matchmaker at Bangkok Matching; High End Thailand's Dating Service Agency will ease you with her advice.

It's very easy to dress to impress Thai Ladies, just dress according to venues and occasions. Dressing neat, clean and fit is very important above all. Thai ladies in general are not fussy about how their guys dress unless they are really not in to your style at all, then they will indirectly try to hint you in so many ways and if you still don't feel her, she will still keep it on and on and on. Thai ladies are normally sensitive about what public think about them and their boyfriend/family/friends and etc. Keeping face is important to most Thai.


To dress to impress Thai ladies/Thai Women is simple, dress according to venues and occasions. Then follow these:

1. Neat
2. Clean
3. Fit your body Well

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