Where to meet Singles in Bangkok? Where do Good Thai Girls Hang Out in Thailand in Bangkok? by Thai Dating Coach/Matchmaker at Bangkok Matching; Thailand’s Leading Premium Dating Services Agency.

Where to meet Singles in Bangkok? Where do Good Thai Girls Hang Out in Thailand in Bangkok?  by Thai Dating Coach/Matchmaker at Bangkok Matching; Thailand’s Leading Premium Dating Services Agency.

In this post I will talk about how to meet Good Well-Educated Thai Ladies/Thai Women.  Where do Thai Ladies/Thai Women hang out?  Just to give you some idea

Where to meet Good Well-Educated Thai Girls/Thai Ladies?  Where do Thai Ladies/Thai Women hang out?

Most good, well-educated Thai girls/Thai Ladies have a job and a good one, they will usually be busy from Monday to Friday from 8am – 6.30pm at the minimum, but mostly they work longer hours than that, especially if they are in a senior position. 

After work, they might go to the gym or running, take care of some personal errands or hook up with friends and family for dinner.  So it’s very rare that you will meet a good Thai girl in a bar during a happy hour.

The “happy hour” isn’t a cultural institution as it is in the West and certainly not for Thai girls.  Drinking regularly and hanging out in a bar as a norm isn’t a good sign for a good Thai girl unless she works there as a P.R or as a manager.  

However, it is possible to meet a good girl at a ladies’ night at a respectable venue, when she is hanging out with a group of friends. Good Thai women out on the town in such a situation tend to congregate in a group – safety in numbers.  If you have the ability to engage with them in a smooth manner, you might get to meet them, strike up a conversation and work towards a friendship that might lead to a relationship – but it can be a difficult mountain to climb.  What’s more, working girls will sometimes adopt the same tactic and you may be lured into a situation that may not be what it seems.  

So, 8 out of 10 ladies you meet at a bar tend to be not so good girls in terms of wife material to be and the ones you meet in groups that you think are promising may just be posing as good girls.  And it’s likely they are a party girl type.  But if you like this type, go ahead.

On the weekend, good Thai girls/Thai Women tend to still stay in a group of either family or friends, either walking in a mall doing some window shopping, or presently quite a good number of them like to spend time in a nice café sipping coffee with either a book or a laptop working.   In this case, I would say that it’s okay for you to initiate conversation if you like her. 

But if you are a bit shy and striking up a conversation with a stranger in a café or in any public place is something you might not have the nerve to do, then how else can you meet a good one in Thailand?  Please read on.

Activity group

I would suggest you to join an activity group that you like.  It maybe scuba diving, rock climbing, bicycling, cooking class, yoga, barista lesson or even studying new languages or Master Degrees. 

That way it will be more casual and you will have a chance to start to get to know her as a friend first.  This approach should be undertaken with a genuine interest in what you are doing.  Find something you like and engage yourself with other people.  Chances are you will be rewarded with a valuable experience. This might only mean you make a good friend, man or woman, or it might mean you learn to understand and enjoy something new.  In fact, you don’t know what you really want exactly, you just want to experience life.  

Think of it as a second-hand bookstore, certainly you can’t expect to find a specific item, but if you open yourself to see what’s really there you will probably find something you didn’t expect and you will enjoy it.  What could be better than discovering a part of the world that relates to yourself? – and you did it on your own initiative!

Online dating or internet

I accept that a lot in our society has changed and the internet is a big influence in our lives in many respects, including relationships.  Internet dating can be good place for you to find someone if you have time to spend on line.  A good trick to spot good, well-educated ladies on line is quite easy; if she can write good English, understand things from a broader cultural perspective and know what’s going on in the news, then that’s a good sign.

And if some ladies you talked to start to ask you for money, stop talking to her.  That’s not a good sign at all. 

Matchmaking Service/Dating Service

Because I run this business myself, so I can guarantee you that 90% of people who use this service tend to be very well-educated, graduated overseas, very successful, well-groomed, financially independent types who are seriously looking for a relationship.  

But with work, they are too busy, so it’s hard for them to meet more people and actually “Good profile” People.  So this group are the majority group who use our Matchmaking Service/Dating Service.  So if you are serious about looking for a long-term relationship, I would suggest you to consider using the service.

In the modern world, we take advantage of every technological gadget and service to make our lives easier and more efficient – it simply makes too much sense for busy, successful people to utilize a matchmaking service to maximize the chances of meeting the right person.  Most people would probably prefer to meet their special someone in a humorous or romantic chance encounter – it will be a great story to tell my grandkids you think – realistically, however, those moments are few and far between and all the while your life moves on. Whatever method you choose to meet new people the key is to do it now – make hay while the sun shines!   


In general, you can meet Thai Ladies/Thai Women everywhere, on BTS, MRT, Coffee Shop, Malls and etc.  But then you can’t tell who is single, who is attached.  You don’t know if they are also looking.  So if you like her, you have to go in and talk to her.  Thailand is like other countries in the world, only Most Thai Ladies can be too conservative in terms of romance.  But if you as an Expat approaches her in public and in good manner, then she will not take it negatively.  


About Bangkok Matching

Bangkok Matching provides Premium Matchmaking Service for Successful, Well-Educated, Financially Secured, Successful Thai and Expat Singles.   First Date ideally is in Bangkok.   We do document check of all members to prove identity, employment financial status and etc.  You will not be fooled like being on online dating.  To be membership of Bangkok Matching, everyone (Both Ladies and Gentlemen) has to pay the service fee.

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